Arizona Nurse Felony

Arizona Nurse FelonyCan Apply 3 Years After the Nurse’s Felony Probation Ends

The number of nursing applicants to the Arizona Board of Nursing (“Board”) that applied for nursing licenses or certificates between 1995 and 2008 increased by 1400%. The sheer volume of nursing applicants caused the Arizona Legislature to take action and create Senate Bill 1096 (“SB1096”), this Arizona Nurse Felony Bar, prohibits nursing applicants from certification and licensure if they have prior felony convictions. However, the felony bar is lifted three years after their felony sentencing has been completed successfully.

Arizona Nurse Felony License Revocation

The Board may initiate disciplinary proceedings to revoke the application, renewal or reactivation against nurses who failed to disclose a felony conviction. SB1096 also gives the Arizona Department of Public Safety the right to fingerprint nurses in order to obtain any state or federal criminal history on the person.  Any nurse with a current license (including registered nurses and nurse practitioners) that is convicted of a felony will have their license revoked (for a 5 year period).  The reasoning behind a five year bar from nursing is to allow the individual enough time to prove they are safe to practice, in addition to, handling restitution issues with their victim(s) resulting from their felony conviction.

Class 6 Undesignated Felony for Nurses

In 2010 the state of Arizona made a slight change to SB1096 and Arizona Revised Statute (A.R.S.) § 13-604(A). The change allows the Board to treat an undesignated offense that occurs/occurred after 23 July 2010 as a felony until the court actually enters an order designating the offense a misdemeanor.  The Class 6 undesignated means, at the time of sentencing, the judge may leave the offense undesignated and the felony designation is suspended and may eventually be designated a misdemeanor if the individual successfully completes the terms of probation.  As for most other crimes the felony charge must be reported to the Board within 10 business days.

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